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M-Funding is trusted by Investors, we have helped over 10 ambitious entrepreneurs fund their business growth, more than any equity crowdfunding platform in Africa.

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Key Criteria for Selecting a Project on M-Funding

1. Mission

Social Impact Porject: A project which resolves a real socio-economic problem.


Complementary Team: The different team members must have the required skills to implement the project and to ensure its growth.

3. Financial Objective

The Financial Objective must be clear, fair and realistic.

4. Opportunity

Real Existing Needs: the project team members have to demonstrate how the project meets the market needs and how it will be accepted.

5. sustainability

The project solution must continue to be sustainable in the time, not a one time solution.


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Launched Campaigns


Successful campaigns


Funds Raised

Straightforward Process

Quickly, efficiently and effectively raise funds for your business at your pace with resources, guidance and support every step of the way.


1. Campaign Creation

Our process ensures that creating your campaign page on M-Funding is simple, fast and effective.


2. Verification

As a regulated platform, we'll verify your campaign text to ensure it is fair, clear and not misleading.


3. Planning your campaign promotion

To maximise your chances of funding success, we provide a host of resources, hints, tips to help you effectively plan and promote your raise.


4. Private Launch

M-Funders club members have the exclusive opportunity to invest before anyone else when the campaign launches privately.


5. Public Launch

If the campaign demonstrates traction during the private launch, we'll publish it for to see on M-Funding. Campaigns run for up to 90 days. Once public, it's important that you get as many potential investors to see the campaign as possible.


6. Campaign Hits 100%

Even if the campaign hits 100% of raises and it still has some remaining days before its expiration date, we keep it live for overfunding.


7. Campaign Fully Funded

Congratulations, your campaign is fully funded!
All the money is transfered to the entrepreneur less our retained free (6.7%).

Straightforward fee

Fees should be fair and simple. You'll only pay M-Funding a single, straightforward fee if-and only if-your campaign is fully funded. That's it.

We've aligned our success with yours. We'll only charge you 6.7% of the total money raised from your fully funded campaign.

  • ONLY FEE: 6.7% on the total money raised from your fully funded campaign
  • Free to submit your campaign
  • No processing fees
  • No administration or legal fees
  • No hidden costs or charges.

Want to know more? Take a look at our FAQs

Q. How to submit a project on M-funding?

The submission of the projects is done, only online, and is free. To submit a project, you will activate the Create Campaign icon. A form will open and the user will have to complete it. After completing the form and uploading the photo illustration, the project leader will submit the project to the company's technical team. After submission of projects, a maximum period of 7 working days is granted to receive a confirmation email or a rejected project.

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