Help Centre For Investors

To use the Mobile money option on the operation is done in two steps:

1. First step: you fill out the subscription form online, on, then you confirm the operation by flashing on "Make a donation";

2. Second step: Continue the operation on the USSD menu of your phone. The transaction is made in the form of a withdrawal to your Mobile money account. Orange money: Enter the * 144 # combination and then perform a withdrawal operation at 089 15 37 184 which is indicated to you by the system. Airtel money: you enter the combination * 501 # and then you make a withdrawal operation at the number 097 81 45 465 that is indicated to you by the system.

After performing the operation, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address after validation of your operation by the system. The operation may take a few minutes depending on the response from the server. the validation of the transaction is based on the number used and the response of the server. Hence the transaction number and the subscription number must be identical.

PS: Do not worry, the phone number you entered on the online subscription form is the same as the one you made the transaction on your phone. If the two numbers are different, the system will not be able to validate your transaction. in this case, please contact us at For any other clarification, please contact us using our online contact form. You can also contact us at It is our pleasure to serve you.

It is very easy to contact a project leader on m-funding. Just log on to the site, then explore the project page, then click on the icon contact the organizer (On the envelope below the icon with his name). A page will open and you can leave him a message. You can also contact him, leaving a message on the site contact with all details about the recipient, and the platform will transfer it to the recipient.