Congolese artistic summit

The first edition of the Congress of Congolese artistic genius was held in Bukavu on Saturday 23th June 2018.

The exhibition of Congolese artistic genius, is an initiative of the digital platform M-funding to promote the professionals of trades of the artistic and sociocultural sector in DR Congo. DR Congo has a great heritage as well as a great artistic and sociocultural potential. The artistic and sociocultural sector occupies a large part of the Congolese youth, in large cities as well as in the interior of the country. However, the artistic and socio-cultural sector still deserves to be supervised and promoted in order to transform it into a way of creating high-paying jobs for Congolese youth.

In order to achieve this, mechanisms to promote the creative potential of Congolese youth will have to be put in place to ensure the promotion of Congolese creative genius both internally and across national borders. With this in mind, the M-FUNDING platform plans to put digital technology at the service of Congolese cultural engineering. This digital platform aims to promote the Congolese artistic genius by offering a solution that allows young creatives to promote their works of the mind on the web. It also helps to connect young creators with a donor community to facilitate their access to funding. Access to finance has hitherto been a major obstacle to the progress of the creative genius of young Congolese.

Thus several works of the spirit choked in the egg, following the lack of the financial means to ensure their promotions. Thus, the digital platform M-FUDING offers a solution to young creatives to raise funds necessary for the materialization of their works. The access to finance solution is offered in the form of crowdfunding. That is to say, to collect small contributions from several people within the community, to finance his project. Crowdfunding is based on the logic that small accumulated efforts can lead to major projects.

The Congolese Artistic Engineering Fair is a space that has allowed young designers to present their works of the spirit to the lovers of culture, and to maintain very constructive relations thanks to the digital technologies developed by M-FUNDING. Thus, culture lovers have had the opportunity to meet professionals from the creative sectors such as Plastic and Visual Arts, Architecture, Decoration & Design, Digital Arts, Cinema, Radio & Television, Languages ??and Letters, Technical and Technical Trades. shadow, Fashion, Music and Dance, Theater, etc.

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